Fast shipping for over 1000 products

With a warehouse of more than 4,000 square meters capable of holding over 1000 products including table linens, bed linen and bath linen, Cimmino is the textile supply company for hotels, restaurants and hospitals, able to guarantee prompt delivery on a vast catalog.

Urgent orders? 48h delivery!

We know that not only the high quality of textile supplies, but also the possibility of dealing with emergencies is important in both the hotel and healthcare sectors. This is why we are able to guarantee fast delivery of our hotel supplies for immediate delivery. This is thanks to a large warehouse in which most of our products in the catalog are always stored, and to an impressive logistics with which we handle 2 containers a day. Thus, even for large orders and with little notice, we can deliver in just 48 hours, meeting any emergency.

  • 4,000 square meters of storage capacity
  • 1000 products ready for delivery
  • 2 containers per day
  • 48h for urgent orders

And what if you never need urgent orders again?

Our warehouse can easily fulfil urgent supply orders for hotels in just 48 hours. But with our order scheduling service, we can do even more for your business: minimize the risk of emergencies on all the textiles needed for your business. In fact, by analyzing and monitoring your company’s textile needs, you can finally receive a timely restocking and say goodbye to emergencies..



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