High-quality fabrics for large and small hotels

Forniture Tessili Cimmino is every day at the side of industrial laundries for the daily supply of bed linen. Thanks to the selection of the best fabrics from Italy and the world and to a large warehouse full of products ready for delivery, we are a reliable partner for quality and speed.

Wide range always available

Measurements are not a problem

The line of sheets is available in 9 sizes and 1 oversized, and we also offer different types of pillowcases, duvets and duvet covers, pillows, bedspreads, mattress covers and bed runners. Our linen is designed to meet the needs of different types of accommodations, but also for the special requests of spas and health facilities.



Over 50 details that make the difference

We create different types of hotel linen, offering the most suitable items for each category and type, using both pure cotton and mixed fabrics. The varied needs of the hospitality / hotel sector are always met, not only thanks to the wide range of products and sizes available, but also with exceptional possibilities for customizing the fabrics: by dyes, embroideries, cordonnets and colored stitching it is possible to make unique the linen of the own hotel, responding to specific needs of functionality and design.


special safety products

Special flame retardant: fabrics that furnish in safety

In addition to beauty and resistance, we know how important fire resistance is in supplying hotel linen: this safety measure is regulated by law, which requires the use of articles with specific characteristics. Our pillows are tested and equipped with 1IM certification and flame retardant bedspreads are certified in class 1.


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