The choice of material for each form of hospitality

We have the perfect table linen to furnish hotel rooms, restaurants, coffee bar, seaside resorts, and catering, with the high-quality guarantee of yarns and of Italian design. The range of items for the table consists of 100% cotton fabrics that arise from the collaboration of foreign companies with our design laboratory, and it also consists of cotton blend fabrics that are entirely designed and produced in Italy, thanks to our looms that allow us the possibility to meet even the most challenging requests.

Italian Excellence

Our MADE IN ITALY table linen is an Italian Excellence

Our cotton blend table linen is completely designed and produced in Italy and it is available in any size. The quality of the fabrics and the craftsmanship of the packaging made us deserve the brand of Italian Excellence, which certifies the quality made in Italy in the world.


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An extraordinary range of products

Not only the high quality, but also the wide range of products makes our table linen proposal extraordinary. We provide to every market demand and to the new custom needs by carefully realizing tailor made tablecloth. In addition to all the standard formats – square tablecloths, doilies, napkins, runner, chair covers and table skirts – Forniture Tessili Cimmino provides for tailor made items, even in different materials.



Dozens of possibility of customization

Often it’s minor details to make the difference, especially in competitive areas such as hotel industry. This is why, in addition to high-quality fabrics, our production are characterized by customization: our table linen can be made unique with embroidery, hemlines, scallops and flounces. The range of colors is also extraordinary, with more than 50 different colors ad hoc, of which 15 are ready for delivery.


Table linen for every structure and requirement

Our table linen for restaurants and hotels are made to satisfy all the requirements in different sectors:

  • For each hotel category
  • For each restaurant category (starred restaurants too)
  • For catering
  • For hospitals


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