Drawings and measurements just like you want

With exceptional possibilities for customization, Cimmino is the Italian textile supply company for hotels and restaurants able to meet every need, in terms of functionality and design.

Standard and non-standard textiles

Our catalog has 50 different sizes available for the table linen, 10 sizes available for bed linen and 10 different lines for the bathroom linen with all the products most used and requested by health facilities and accommodation of all kinds. But there are also endless possibilities for customizing the sizes, because we make textiles for hotels and restaurants that are not standardized, made to respond to specific requests and in a short time.


Made in Italy designs and embroidery

With hundreds of customizations available for colors, designs and embroidery, we can always make hotel and restaurant textiles unique. Every work in terms of design and embroidery is entirely made in Italy, guaranteeing the highest quality of design and invoice made in Italy. You can find out every year the latest news of our catalog, always updated on the latest industry trends, or request products completely customized to your needs.



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