Extraordinary efficiency for any order

The textile hotel supplies of Cimmino are characterized not only by the high quality of the fabrics but also by an extraordinary speed of packaging. We know how important is the speed of delivery of tablecloths and linen for hotel and health sectors, and for this reason we always have large rolls of every type of fabric available to package your orders immediately and deliver them in record time.

Big order? It arrives in max 20 days

Our fast packaging service is characterized by offering a guarantee of a wait of up to 20 days, from the order to the delivery, even for large quantities of tablecloths and table linen. Whether it’s your first order or a restocking, we guarantee you the same efficiency!


Very fast even for the non-standard ones

The high packaging speed of our textile hotel supplies is not only guaranteed for standard products but also for non-standard products. Even if you need linen or tablecloths with customized sizes in large quantities, with us you can receive them in maximum 20 days from order. Merit of an archive of fabrics of every type continually re-stocked, thanks to which we begin to work on your order immediately to deliver it to you in a very short time.


Try also the prompt delivery!

Are you in an emergency for table linen? At Cimmino you will find over 1000 products in the catalog ready for delivery to support you efficiently even in the most delicate moments of your business. For orders on products in stock we guarantee delivery in 48 hours, to resolve any urgency.



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