Smart linen

Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, but also retirement homes and communities manage large quantities of linen every day. Whether entrusted to industrial laundries or done internally, handling is difficult, time-consuming and personal, errors and losses are the order of the day. The solution is the application of RFID tags to each garment: a service with which we simplify the management of tablecloths and industrial linen.

How does the RFID label work on linen and table linen?

Personalized RFID tags are sewn on textile garments such as table linens, bed linen and towels. Prompted by an RFID reader, the label activates a process of communication and data exchange in writing and reading and stores that information in an electronic memory. Thus, for each garment, it takes just a few seconds to read the basic information such as size, color, size, fabric, type of washing recommended and date of first use. And also to gradually upload new information, wash after wash, delivery after delivery.

The advantages of the RFID system

RFID tags can really make tablecloths and linens smart by greatly simplifying the work of industrial laundries. The information loaded in a few seconds on the labels makes it possible to quickly know the history of each garment and make collection and washing operations, delivery to the customer, rotation and replacement faster and more efficient:

  • reduction of sorting times
  • maximum precision in receiving and delivering
  • optimization of stocks without waste
  • scheduling of replacement without disruptions
  • zero washing errors and longer life of the garments
  • efficient pricing on the number of items washed (and no longer on the weight)


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